Tropical Fish



How to Culture Microworms

What You Will Need A Plastic Container With a Top (Margarine Containers are Great for This). Pure Oatmeal Dry Yeast Microworm starter culture If you’re serious about breeding fish, then … [Read More...]

Cold Water Fish

Aquatic Plants


turtle pond

How to Build a Turtle Pond

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a pond in their backyard. You can spend hours relaxing by the water’s edge, as you enjoy the tranquility that a pond brings to a backyard. And while fish … [Read More...]



best aquarium filter

What is the Best Aquarium Filter?

If you are looking at buying an aquarium, odds are that you've wondered what the best aquarium filter is. Or alternatively, if you're looking for a new filter, you might what to know what the best … [Read More...]

aquaclear filter

Aquaclear Aquarium Filter Review

Pros Extremely quiet filtration Very good durability Provides excellent filtration Highly customizable internal layout Cons Smaller models can suffer from flow issues if they aren't … [Read More...]