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Plecos aren't the only ones who appreciate vegetables.

Feeding Vegetables to Aquarium Fish

Learn all the in out and outs of feeding vegetables to your fish. From choosing vegetables, to preparing them, you will find all the information you need here.

betta bowl

How to Choose a Betta Bowl

For anyone new to bettas, it’s easy to assume that they don’t need much in the way of living space. When you first encounter bettas in the store, you will see endless rows of them living in tiny cups. Most of the cups are so small that they can’t even turn around comfortably. So it’s […]

Cold Water Fish

Aquatic Plants


building pond

The Secret to Building a Thriving and Healthy Fish Pond

A fish pond can be the crowning achievement to a perfectly manicured and landscaped yard, or it can be a simple tub with a few minnows. But no matter what kind of pond you are looking to build, you’re going to need to carefully plan it out and build it right – unless you want to deal with algae infested waters, choked with dead fish.

turtle pond

How to Build a Turtle Pond

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t enjoy a pond in their backyard. You can spend hours relaxing by the water’s edge, as you enjoy the tranquility that a pond brings to a backyard. And while fish ponds are the most popular types of pond, they aren’t the only option for your property.



best aquarium filter

What is the Best Aquarium Filter?

 If you are looking at buying an aquarium, odds are that you’ve wondered what the best aquarium filter is. Or alternatively, if you’re looking for a new filter, you might what to know what the best aquarium filter to it with. But the second that you start to browse filters, you’re confronted with a dizzying […]